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Allen County Prosecutor's Office

Assistant Prosecutor Kohlrieser Honored with State Award

By Eran Hami, Multimedia Video Journalist


An Allen County official has been recognized by the State of Ohio for their dedicated work.

Allen County Assistant Prosecutor Terri Kohlrieser was awarded Outstanding Assistant Prosecutor of the Year. The award, bestowed by the Ohio Prosecuting Attorney's Association, goes to one assistant prosecutor out of the 88 counties in Ohio. It recognizes someone for their dedicated work and efforts for the victims of crimes. Kohlrieser has been an Allen County Prosecutor for seven years and this is her first recognition by the OPAA.

"It's largely my connection to the victims," Kohlrieser said. I think that kind of helps me stand out a little bit. I empathize a lot with them. I want them, even if ultimately the person's found not guilty or something else happens with the case, they know, at least one person heard them."

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