Civil Division

In Ohio, the county prosecutor is required by law to serve as the legal advisor in his or her county for all county and township officers, boards, elected officials and commissions, as well as all tax supported public libraries. In addition, the prosecuting attorney must prosecute or defend all lawsuits or actions where those officials, boards or agencies are parties. In this capacity, the county prosecutor’s office serves as the “law firm” for the county and for all such county officials and organizations.

The prosecutors in the Civil Division of the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office are the attorneys who are responsible for carrying out the legal duties described above. Prosecutors in the Civil Division conduct legal research and provide legal representation in a wide variety of areas, including contract and business law, civil rights, voting and election law, personal injury claims, school law, real property acquisition and disposition, and zoning and land use issues.

The Civil Division staff is also responsible for representing the County Treasurer in enforcing the payment of real estate and personal property taxes, and in filing legal actions to collect the payment of delinquent property taxes in Allen County.